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Wood Species Characteristics:

Here are a few of the woods we work with. If you have questions regarding any other species including "exotics", please call us.

Birch is a hardwood with a smooth / fine,  grain, typically light-colored. Colors can vary from white to medium brown.

Cherry is a hardwood which is rich in color and has a smooth texture. Cherry has a pink hue and can have shades of white, yellow, gray and green. The wood machines and stains easily.

Clear Pine is a soft wood that usually light in color with pink/brown variations a good surface for stained or painted finish. 

Hickory is a hardwood having a coarse texture and closed grain. Typically a straighter grained wood with some waves. Hickory's color can range from white to  reddish-brown, which adds to it appeal. It accepts stain well.

Maple is a close grain hardwood with a uniform texture. Usually straight grained, sometimes found with highly figured birdseye, curly or burl grain. Colors range from white to light brown to light gray.

Mahogany is a hardwood with a fine grain and medium texture. Grain is straight, but can have parallel runs resembling ribbons. Color is typically reddish brown, but may be lighter with a pale red to grayish appearance.

Paintable Species usually have a fine-textured/close grain such as Tulip Poplar, Birch or Soft Maple.


Poplar (typically Tulip Poplar) is a hardwood, with smooth texture and fine grain.  They have a surface well suited for painted finishes or medium to dark stains. Poplar is yellow in color with some streaks of gray, green and occasionally purplish brown.

Red Oak is a hardwood with prominent grain patterns which range from a tight vertical grain to a sweeping arch. Some color variation is possible in its natural form.